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Renting can TRIPLE the valueof your home! Let America’s #1 Residential Property Manager show you how. Whether you own one property or hundreds, Renters Warehouse’s flat rate leasing and property management is easy, fast and worry-free. Start with a FREE Home Rental Price Analysis today!

Watch How We Work For You

Meet the team behind our simple, 4-step property management process. Our Professional Landlords make renting your home easy, fast and worry free. They take care of everything from finding quality tenants and collecting rent to coordinating inspections, maintenance and completing legal paperwork. All so you can sit back, relax and let someone else pay your mortgage.

We'll Rent Your Home in 4 Steps

Step #1: We Get You the Best Price

When you’re ready to hire a property manager to lease your home, the first thing you want to know is, “How much can I get for it?” Our Professional Landlords (or best-in-class property managers) crunch the numbers to find the sweet spot that brings you maximum value without letting your rental property sit on the market too long.

Free Rental Price Analysis

Step #2: We Find You the Right Tenants

It’s still your home, so you don’t want just anyone living in it. Within 24 hours of signing up for rental property management services of any kind, our exclusive RentFeeder™ technology goes to work marketing your rental property to just the right people. We find the qualified candidates. You decide who rents. On average, we'll help you score the perfect tenants in just a few weeks.

Step #3: We Handle Your Property Management

Once your tenants have moved in, chances are you don’t want to be saddled with rental property management issues like collecting rent, handling pest problems and calling plumbers at all hours of the night. Our Professional Landlords are the best property managers around. They’re born problem-solvers, available 24/7 to handle rent collection, maintenance coordination and much more.

Step #4: We Protect You Against the Unexpected

Even with all this in place, you can still face occasional curveballs like accidental tenant damage and pesky eviction costs. That’s why we offer optional services to give you extra peace of mind against the unexpected - all for less cost than your daily cup of coffee (some services not currently available in Minnesota).

Follow our award winning four step process and rent your property today

Find out how much your home will rent for today: Free Rental Price AnalysisFree Rental Price Analysis

Learn why people trust us with their homes.

I live out of state and have used RW for almost 3 years to manage my place in my absence. There’s nothing like having full confidence in a company to take care of your home just like you would. They...


When I spoke to Colleen Welander at Renters Warehouse she completely explained my problem and a solution immediately.

I recently had a problem at a rental I own in Nashville. I was notified of the problem and requested a service vendor be sent out. When I was given the estimate I was surprised by the cost but relucta...

Highly recommend Terianne Broyles without any reservation. She explained scope of responsibilities of Renters Warehouse, provided a market analysis of rents in the area and screened applicants. Provid...

Gary and Brenda

Ms. Drew is an excellent agent. She has so much compassion and pays very close attention to her clients needs. She answers your calls as well as returns your texts or calls within 10 minutes. She...

Mrs Olga Palmer was a pleasure to work with. She did a great job at finding a good tenant for our home.


Amazing! Sheila and her staff are great to work with. If you have need a great management company and quality tenants for your property contact the expert's at Renter's Warehouse.

Latasha has been AMAZING! I'm extremely pleased with RW. Blessed to have Latasha as my contact. She ALWAYS replies to my concerns quickly and sends someone out to the property asap!


Andre is a very friendly and competent manager, I highly recommend him to find you a tenant for long term renting. However I find the maintenance division's estimates for repairs on your property quit...

No complaints, everything was taken care of in a reasonable fashion.

This REVIEW IS ONLY FOR MY REALTOR DRU KUHLMAN. Renters warehouse will get a separate review from this one. Dru is absolutely AMAZING. She has been an advocate for me 100% since I looked at this house...

AR was beyond helpful with renting out our home. Our home was listed for sale for over 4 mths so we decided to make it a rental after months of paying two mortgages. I highly recommend him and his te...


I am completely floored by the kindness and patience the Renter's Warehouse team showed me in my frustrations! I was a complete jerk to them because of a misunderstanding that has been resolved! The o...


Lindsey has been awesome to work with!


Wow! Julia, an agent with RW, got our townhouse rented in less than a week . Our new tenants are fantastic and we couldn't be happier with our experience with both Julia and Renters Warehouse. I would...


She was very helpful in dealing with a short notice move-in.

Angelique Bolton and the renters warehouse team helped us rent our house throughout the whole process. Really made it stress free and we’re realistic in the rental range of the house. Professionals....

My boyfriend and I worked with Mark Hayes and found a super cute AND affordable rental home. He responded to any emails or calls from us in a timely and professional manner and overall was a delight t...

Ava was knowledgeable and offered more than one choice. She delivered what she said and on time. She was great to work with.

Jeremy S******* from Renters Warehouse was amazing. He was very helpful in making our move successful. He would always quickly respond to any questions we had for him. Would definitely recommend him.

Free Rental Price Analysis

Free Rental Analysis

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