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Renting can TRIPLE the valueof your home! Let America’s #1 Residential Property Manager show you how. Whether you own one property or hundreds, Renters Warehouse’s flat rate leasing and property management is easy, fast and worry-free. Start with a FREE Home Rental Price Analysis today!

Watch How We Work For You

Meet the team behind our simple, 4-step property management process. Our Professional Landlords make renting your home easy, fast and worry free. They take care of everything from finding quality tenants and collecting rent to coordinating inspections, maintenance and completing legal paperwork. All so you can sit back, relax and let someone else pay your mortgage.

We'll Rent Your Home in 4 Steps

Step #1: We Get You the Best Price

When you’re ready to hire a property manager to lease your home, the first thing you want to know is, “How much can I get for it?” Our Professional Landlords (or best-in-class property managers) crunch the numbers to find the sweet spot that brings you maximum value without letting your rental property sit on the market too long.

Free Rental Price Analysis

Step #2: We Find You the Right Tenants

It’s still your home, so you don’t want just anyone living in it. Within 24 hours of signing up for rental property management services of any kind, our exclusive RentFeeder™ technology goes to work marketing your rental property to just the right people. We find the qualified candidates. You decide who rents. On average, we'll help you score the perfect tenants in just a few weeks.

Step #3: We Handle Your Property Management

Once your tenants have moved in, chances are you don’t want to be saddled with rental property management issues like collecting rent, handling pest problems and calling plumbers at all hours of the night. Our Professional Landlords are the best property managers around. They’re born problem-solvers, available 24/7 to handle rent collection, maintenance coordination and much more.

Step #4: We Protect You Against the Unexpected

Even with all this in place, you can still face occasional curveballs like accidental tenant damage and pesky eviction costs. That’s why we offer optional services to give you extra peace of mind against the unexpected - all for less cost than your daily cup of coffee (some services not currently available in Minnesota).

Follow our award winning four step process and rent your property today

Find out how much your home will rent for today: Free Rental Price AnalysisFree Rental Price Analysis

Learn why people trust us with their homes.

My first rental with this the Matt and the team was smoother than any I have ever experienced. Tough time of year to turn around a rental and they came in and made some great recommendations and had n...

Choosing Renter's Warehouse to management my rental properties has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. This is a fantastic organization and their staff is simply the BEST! My Real Estate ...

Olga P. was awesome! She went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience with property selection and my move-in process. Thanks Olga!

I wanted to say that the young lady that I met Delia C was such a amazing young lady and receptionist she has the greatest people skill I've seen in a long time I want to give her A for working for re...


Kim Alfano is on the ball! Not only does she always respond almost immediately to any question or concern I might have, she also goes above and beyond, following up with the issue to make sure it's be...

We worked with agent John Hageman to find a tenant for our condo. He did a great job keeping us informed regarding showings and feedback. Appreciate how responsive he was to our calls and text messa...

Olga Palmer did a fantastic job with our rental property. She gave us advice on what things we should update to rent our property as quickly as possible and gave us a few referals to some great contra...

I'd like to give a shout out to Ce'mon. She was prompt with her responses and has been helpful throughout the leasing process. Glad to have my first rental property handled by a professional! I'd work...

I interviewed five property managers in the Austin area and by far the best fit and “on it” and trustworthy professional manager for me was Heather Fruge and Renters Warehouse. I have a brand new...

Olga Palmer was a pleasure to work with. She did everything she said she would do, always on time and returned our calls/emails promptly. Most importantly, she placed the same priority on finding good...


Terianne Broyles is my property manager. She stepped in after I had some difficulty with previous tenants. She was so great communicating each step of the process in documenting damage to my home, get...

Chad ******* was very helpful and super fast at getting me approved for renting a house. It was so impressive! He took the time to help correct issues on my application and had a flexible schedule to ...


Great crew to work with! Sasha Sunkel is a fantastic support when you have to deal with tenant's paperwork, post and pre.


Thomas from renters warehouse has helped us out so much! We had to move into our house last minute and he did everything he could to accommodate us. They are super willing to help with repairs, and ar...

Always helpful and all requests are completed promptly.

We recently worked with Brad Barrott on finding a townhome to rent and he was great to work with. He was very helpful and answered all of our questions. He made finding a new place easy and quick!

Great team to work with, they were able to get my property listed and rented within two weeks!!!!!

Renters warehouse has been awsome so far. In particular, thomas has been extremely helpful and always makes sure we know what's going on and are well taken care of. Couldn't be happier!

There was a slight issue with the owners and our lease but renters warehouse made everything go so smoothly for us and we have been living in our house for about two weeks now! Thomas is awesome and a...

Latasha was able to solve my problem and answer my questions quickly and efficiently. Thanks Latasha


Working with Shawnna Peterson was great! She was very knowledgeable and quick to respond. She made rent out our two properties easy as 1, 2, 3! We have been using Renters Warehouse for a while. Always...

Thomas from Renters Warehouse made our move in experience so much easier than we were expecting! No matter what, Thomas was willing to make sure we were taken care of. Even during the holidays chaos w...

We have used Renters Warehouse for the past 2+ years to manage our rental property and it has been a great experience and a big stress reliever for us. Our leasing agent, Jennifer Donahue, has been ve...

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Free Rental Analysis

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