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Why Sell Yourself Short?

Don’t sell, rent instead! Create wealth, financial freedom and retirement security by transforming your home into Rent Estate™with Renters Warehouse’s residential property managers. Get started today.

Watch How We Work For You

If you’re a homeowner considering a move, for any reason, Renters Warehouse is the FIRST place to start. Our simple 4-step property management process is sure to make renting your home easy, fast and worry free. Our Professional Landlords take care of everything from finding quality tenants and collecting rent, to scheduling maintenance and completing legal paperwork. 

4 Steps to Renting Your House

Step #1: We Get You the Best Price

When you’re ready to hire a property manager to lease your home, the first thing you want to know is, “How much can I get for it?” Our Professional Landlords (or best-in-class property managers) crunch the numbers to find the sweet spot that brings you maximum value without letting your rental property sit on the market too long.

Free Rental Price Analysis

Step #2: We Find You the Right Tenants

It’s still your home, so you don’t want just anyone living in it. Within 24 hours of signing up for rental property management services of any kind, our exclusive RentFeeder™ technology goes to work marketing your rental property to just the right people. We find the qualified candidates. You decide who rents. On average, we'll help you score the perfect tenants in just a few weeks.

Step #3: We Handle Your Property Management

Once your tenants have moved in, chances are you don’t want to be saddled with rental property management issues like collecting rent, handling pest problems and calling plumbers at all hours of the night. Our Professional Landlords are the best property managers around. They’re born problem-solvers, available 24/7 to handle rent collection, maintenance coordination and much more.

Step #4: We Protect You Against the Unexpected

Even with all this in place, you can still face occasional curveballs like accidental tenant damage and pesky eviction costs. That’s why we offer optional services to give you extra peace of mind against the unexpected - all for less cost than your daily cup of coffee (some services not currently available in Minnesota).

Follow our award winning four step process and rent your property today

Find out how much your home will rent for today: Free Rental Price AnalysisFree Rental Price Analysis

Learn why people trust us with their homes.

The recommended rate of ten speaks for itself. I've been very satisfied with the service and results!!

Michael Sweeney.

The communication between us has been exceptional. All issues that of arisen have been addressed in a professional and timely manner

Joseph Novotny.

Very positive...staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Always ready to answer questions or work on a problem.

Elizabeth Battaglia.

Have already recommended to a friend.

Bruce Austin.

Very satisfied the way two of my properties are being managed.

Danilo Cipriaso.

extremely satisfied and worth the money for the peace of mind.

John Thompson.

It has been very positive.

Stephen & Angela Glasgow.

Generally very good. Would however prefer to have a single point of contact.

Cy Morris.

Everything has gone well. Jessica has taken care of us.

Darrell Glenn.

My experiences have been good so far, having someone work with the tenant is great!

Jennifer Seidler.

In the beginning it was very slow. It took a couple of extra months to finally find a tenant for my house.

Eugene Conn.

I had a great agent that worked my area which is a plus as I have recommended you guys to others and their experience has been somewhat different than mine. I am a real restate agent that used to han...

Gregory Saunders.

Very pleased.

Ercell Newkirk.

good job

Maria Monteagudo.

Very good. You respond to issues in a methodical and prompt manner. Disbursements of rental income is regular. Very happy with the service.

Gomes Texas Investments LLC.

Was a pleasure doing business with Renters Warehouse Atlanta.

Jeff Stanko.

Very impressed with the friendliness of everyone I have spoke to in regards to my needs. Everyone has always been very prompt on feedback and has given me the information I was needing.

Margie Albright.

It was been a great experience. Kimberly H., Semeatress and Jennifer have been phenomenal to work with. They've relieved a lot of stress since I am a homeowner across the country. They are very commu...

Samantha Pinon.

My experience, for the most part, has been very good and have, and will, recommend Renters Warehouse to anyone.

Paul SanFilippo.

I'm so impressed with the professional attention you've shown me through the past year and a half and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Dan Russell.

Excellent experience. Trish was terrific in helping us understand the process, being patient as we asked many, many questions, and ultimately rented our home for a good price and term. Thank you.

Timothy or Dolleen Wiltgen.

The start up phase went very smoothly and I felt comfortable with the process. Whenever questions have come up since, the response has been quick and thorough. Happy customer !!

Richard Palmer.

Free Rental Price Analysis

Free Rental Analysis

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