DIY Projects That Just Aren’t Worth Your Time

One of the most recent trends in interior design and home decorating is do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. When you’re renting out your house, you might be tempted to try to tackle some DIY projects instead of hiring out jobs.

While this is a good idea in some instances, it’s not a practice you want to apply across the board in property management, because some improvements simply aren’t worth your time or energy. Here are 5 DIY projects that are best left to professionals:

1. Changing the lighting scheme of your home

As a form of science and art, lighting design can do wonders for individual rooms and make even the worst of spaces look attractive. However, when you’re interested in a major overhaul and re-wiring of your lighting scheme, you need to hire a consultant or professional electrician.

It’s no secret that electricity is complicated and dangerous; if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can not only get electrocuted but you could mess things up so badly that you need to spend more money to fix it. Hiring an electrician to do the job will ensure that all work is done according to original blueprints, makes your rooms look great, and meets safety and energy-efficient standards.

2. Removing rot, infestations, mold, or asbestos

Infestations are living, breathing nightmares. Finding out you have something growing, living, or decaying in your space can be appalling as a property management owner, but don’t take it upon yourself to remedy the situation. Though sometimes you can find serious health hazards that need to be dealt with quickly, like asbestos, it’s best to call up a professional.

Situations that involve things like rot, infestations, mold, and asbestos are best left to people who have more knowledge than you on how to properly handle and eliminate the problem. They’re more likely to have the right equipment, more likely to know the safety measures, and more likely to keep damage to your living space to a minimum.

If you see any problems, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Even a few small mold spots could indicate a larger problem behind the surface it’s growing on.

3. Knocking out walls

Sometimes you or your renters may want some extra space, and the best way to accomplish this is by knocking out one of your walls. While this can definitely open up a room, you could also run into structural problems if you’re not careful.

If you’re unfamiliar with how your home was built, you’re not going to know what walls are load-bearing or not. Also, you may run into electrical and plumbing lines you aren’t prepared to deal with. In this case, it’s best to cede the responsibility of knocking out the wall to a professional who can save you the time, mess, and unnecessary expenditures you would have otherwise encountered.

4. Removing trees

Though beautiful, trees can be difficult to deal with when they grow too close to your house or take up too much space in your yard. Your property management instincts may kick in and you may be tempted to try to remove the large plants yourself, but this is one of the worst decisions you could make. lists tree removal as the #1 DIY project you don’t ever want to do. Dealing with chainsaws, falling branches, telephone wires, and more isn’t for the average DIY-er. However, arborists are trained to handle all of these things and know how to properly dispose of your tree. It’s worth the extra money to hire an arborist to avoid personal injury or home damage.

5. Repairing the roof

Damaged roofs are horrible problems to have, because it’s like your home has a broken umbrella over top that’s trying to keep out the rain. As much as you may want to get it taken care of, trying to fix leaks, holes, or other damages to your own roof can be extremely dangerous because you run the risk of falling.

Fortunately roofers have the proper equipment and experience to fix any problems your roof may have. Most of them also come with a warranty to ensure you won’t have to deal with roofing problems again in the near future. Both those reasons should give you enough peace of mind to outsource this tricky job.

Property management is stressful enough without the issues discussed above. So as much as you might want to fix them with DIY work, not all problems are worth your time, effort, or expenses you could incur from self-made damages. Sometimes, a professional is just what you need.

Did you ever try a DIY home project that you wished you’d hired out instead?
photo credit: RLHyde via photopin cc