• Landlord Virgins: Tips for Your First Time

    Well, it’s your first time. You’re new at this. It’s uncharted territory. You’re a little nervous, but you’ve heard good things. Will you be any good at it? What if you’re awful? Welcome to being a landlord. Getting started is a lot less daunting than you’d think, but before you ...

Tis the Season to Consider Renting Your House

Christmas time is almost here! Break out the eggnog! If you’re looking to sell your home during the holidays though, there’s a good chance that you’re not celebrating just yet. You’ve probably heard that winter is a difficult time to sell a home, and are faced with the dilemma of either dropping the price to […]

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Essential Resources and Tips for Hiring Contractors

When considering a contractor to work on your rental real estate properties it’s essential to make sure that you are dealing with licensed, dependable professionals. Failure to do so can result in some costly mistakes that will take time and money to recover from. Even though this can be a painful process, trust us, you won’t […]

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Why Renting Trumps Selling

When it’s time to relocate, your first reaction may be to pack up and sell your house. While this may be the traditional solution that automatically comes to mind –it’s not necessarily the most financially viable option. There’s another choice available that often works out to be significantly more profitable in the long run: renting […]

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Absentee Housesitters: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

If you regularly travel, then you are probably familiar with that slightly terrifying feeling that comes when you step out of the house and close the door. You’re leaving your home, possibly for a significant period of time, and you’re entrusting someone else with the important job of looking after it. Essentially, you’re putting all […]

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Young Homeowners- Breaking the Myths About Millennials

Rumor has it that the Millennial Generation is flat out not interested in home ownership. Despite low-interest mortgage rates and property remaining an economically sound investment, 62% of Millennials are opting to rent. It would seem that Millennials are rebelling against traditional home ownership and turning down real estate opportunities. Instead, choosing to rent, or […]

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