• Landlord Virgins: Tips for Your First Time

    Well, it’s your first time. You’re new at this. It’s uncharted territory. You’re a little nervous, but you’ve heard good things. Will you be any good at it? What if you’re awful? Welcome to being a landlord. Getting started is a lot less daunting than you’d think, but before you ...

Keep Your Properties Safe During Vacation Season

The first dusting of snow this season has surely got you thinking about warmer weather. Well, it’s time to batten down the hatches and head south! But there are a few last minute things to consider before you catch that flight. When properties are left vacant, there’s a greater risk for both burglary and damage. […]

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The Must-Have Tools Professional Landlords Rely On

Most professional landlords will agree – owning and managing investment properties is a full-time job. Often, it’s more than a full-time job. Landlords are on call around the clock, and have to get used to wearing a number of different “hats” (investor, home inspector, bookkeeper, market analyst, help desk, office manager, etc.). No wonder many […]

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Why Selling Your Home is Shortsighted

When it’s time to pack up and move, the natural response may be to pack up your things and sell the house. Sure selling your home seems like the best idea. But there’s another option that you may not have considered: renting out your home. When done correctly, renting out your home can offer considerable […]

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In Honor of Our Nation’s Veterans

This Veterans Day we honor the brave men and women who have defended our freedoms and bravely served in the name of our great country. Our gratitude can never be repaid. The business community needs to do more than acknowledge their service and put our money where our mouth is. We owe our vets security, […]

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How to Budget Maintenance for Your Rental Property

While it’s easy to assume that 100 percent of your rental income will go straight into your pocket, that myth is based on nothing more than the hopes and dreams of those who have yet to purchase an investment rental property. Smart professional landlords know that a percentage of their income – often a relatively […]

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