• Landlord Virgins: Tips for Your First Time

    Well, it’s your first time. You’re new at this. It’s uncharted territory. You’re a little nervous, but you’ve heard good things. Will you be any good at it? What if you’re awful? Welcome to being a landlord. Getting started is a lot less daunting than you’d think, but before you ...

Will You Be Mine? How to Maintain Great Tenant-Landlord Relations

As Valentine’s Day approaches, young suitors attach rhyming courtship poems to flowers and chocolate, romantic restaurants are lit by elegant candles, and long-married couples exchange traditional gifts with warm, knowing glances. Now wouldn’t it be nice if every day was like Valentine’s Day and filled with happy gestures? Maybe so. But we all know that […]

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Income Property: What Scott McGillivray Has Taught Us

Scott McGillivray is the king of income properties. He’ll help you buy the perfect house, renovate it for your future tenants and then get the rental price you deserve. If you’re going to take the leap and make the investment, you want Scott in your corner. Unfortunately, he’s a busy man and that’s not exactly… […]

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7 Reasons Why People Turn To Professional Landlords

When I created Renters Warehouse, the reason was simple. I was working in real estate at the time and heard request after request of people looking for help managing their rental properties. I told a successful broker I knew at the time that I thought this could be a great opportunity to create a business […]

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Renters Warehouse Super Bowl “Odd Men” Commercial

Unless you have been living under a rock (or perhaps just not following us on Twitter and Facebook), you should know that the official Renters Warehouse Super Bowl commercial went live last night. Our inspiration? We wanted to know what would happen if we put Dave Ryan (KDWB), Paul Allen (KFAN), and Tom Barnard (The […]

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10 Signs You’re an Unprofessional Landlord

1. “You pay now” is your catchphrase. 2. Getting dressed is always optional. 3. Your favorite hobby is complaining about noise from the neighbors. 4. Repurposing is your forte. 5. You’re constantly scanning for ANY fixer-uppers. 6. You think you are the king or queen of curb appeal. 7. Aluminum foil on the window? Enough […]

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