What are the benefits of using our FREE Home Connections program?

As exciting as moving into a new home is, it's also a big hassle setting up your new home services. Here's how we can help make this process easy, fast and worry-free:

  • We'll research offers and services for your specific address.
  • We'll help you save money on your cable/internet bills.
  • We'll come up with a list of options customized for you.
  • We offer FREE installation on DirectTV services. 
  • We can also help you with home security services.


How does the Renters Warehouse Home Connections program work?

Our Home Connections team partners with local and nationwide providers to offer you a wide array of home services. We're also your one-call connection for installation services.
1. Call or fill out the "Request More Information" form.
2. We'll research offers and services for your specific address.
3. We'll come up with a list of options customized for you.
4. If you like any of them, you can sign up through us for FREE. If not, you'll at least know what your options are!

How much do you charge for vetting and comparing local services for me?

We do not charge any fees. The companies we represent compensate us when we sign up customers for their services. The Renters Warehouse Home Connections program is a FREE service designed especially for our valuable customers, to help save them money, alleviate stress and provide a more enjoyable move-in experience. 

Why Order DirecTV with Us?

Why is it better to order DirecTV through us versus DirecTV.com or their call center? Because our installation services are FREE! (DirecTV.com installation is $26.95).

Installation Expertise. We have the best technicians in the Twin Cities. We install sports bars, golf courses, home theaters and many other unique venues. Our technical expertise and experience make us the best.

Less Hassle. It will literally take you less time to call us and order your service than to check out of your shopping cart at DirecTV.com. Plus, we won't upsell you on products you don't want or need, like a DirecTV call center will.