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Homeowner Maintenance FAQs

Q: How do my Tenants or I place a maintenance request?
A: You can make a maintenance request or a work order in two ways:

1. Go to our official submission portal located at and select “Tenant” or “Homeowner.” Follow the form instructions or log into the local market Maintenance Portal as instructed. 
2. Contact your local office via phone to speak live with your local Renters Warehouse Maintenance Team. 

Q: Who do my Tenants or I call after hours?
A:  You can visit our Contact Us page for the  local after hours emergency maintenance phone number and should also submit an official Maintenance Request electronically.

Q: What is the process for emergency maintenance requests?
A: If we receive an emergency maintenance request, we will immediately dispatch a vendor and have the work completed. Emergency maintenance requests are defined as:

  • No Utilities (electric, water, HVAC – temperature dependent)
  • Flooding
  • Significant storm damage
  • Significant threat to life, health, safety

Q: How can Tenants see the progress of maintenance requests?
A: Residents with access to an official Maintenance Portal can view updates on work orders and electronically communicate with our centralized Maintenance Team. In other cases, Residents should contact their local office for work order updates.

Q: How long does it typically take to schedule a vendor for a maintenance request?
A: Depending on the situation, we may first have to call for homeowner approval. We contact homeowners as quickly as possible and provide them with all available information. Once we have homeowner approval, a vendor is dispatched to diagnose and fix the issue at your home.

Q: Does the Homeowner pay for every maintenance request?
A: No. Accidents happen. A Tenant’s child might clog up the toilet with a toy or maybe they have a pet that damaged the carpet. We evaluate each invoice and situation to determine if it is the Homeowner’s responsibility or a Tenant’s responsibility to pay for the maintenance work.

Q: If I have to pay for maintenance, how can I do that?
A: You can pay via your property management portal or by contacting your local office.

Q: What are my options for communications?
A: Homeowners with access to an official Maintenance Portal may receive maintenance communications via email, phone or text messages. When you log into your portal, you can choose to opt-in or out of text messages. We will also message you in the portal to provide updates on your work orders. You have the ability to message your Renters Warehouse Maintenance Team through the portal as well.  Visit and select “Homeowner” to sign up for the Renters Warehouse Homeowner Maintenance Portal. 

In other cases, Homeowners should contact their local office to provide their preference for official communication.

For Homeowners with access to an official Renters Warehouse Maintenance Portal only (powered by SMS Assist), please reference the following:

Q: What’s an NTE?
A: NTE stands for “not to exceed.” An NTE is a tool used to help control costs and manage maintenance work. Establishing NTEs sets a cap or maximum amount for certain types of repairs.

Q: How do NTEs help me?
A: Through our expansive contractor network and years in the industry, Renters Warehouse Maintenance tracks and documents national averages costs for all types of maintenance work. This comprehensive data serves as a guideline on what to expect various repairs to cost, providing an efficient way to control maintenance spend.

Q: How does it work?
A: Each service category such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, has an NTE that allows a contractor to perform work on your home up to that specified amount if you opt into the NTE amounts. The benefit to you is that it enables important repairs on your property up to that amount without having to bother you for approval. Plus, it lessens the time that tenants have to wait for a repair.

We continually work with our contractors and operations managers to reduce both maintenance cost and NTEs.

Q: Does that mean that I will be charged that full amount on each work order?
A: No. The NTE speeds up the repair and maintenance process for you. You will be billed the actual amount of work — parts cost plus hourly labor. On average, work orders are between 20-40% lower than the NTE amount.

Q: Am I automatically enrolled in NTEs?
A: No, you must opt-in to participate NTEs. You do have the flexibility to enroll into ALL services or an A LA CARTE option in which you can select specific services. For your convenience, we recommend the ‘ALL’ services, but it is just as easy to opt-in to only your preferred services. TO OPT-IN, Simply: Log into your portal and locate the “NTE Management” tab. Click on the ‘NTE Management’ selection.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.06.47 PM

ACCEPT ALL: If you would like to opt-in to all categories for NTE

  1. Click on the ‘Accept All’ option in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.07.51 PM

YOUR CHOICE NTE – A LA CARTE: If you want to select only certain categories

  1. Click on ‘Accept’ for any categories you would like to incorporate into the NTE limits.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.08.55 PM
  2. For any categories you do not want to have an NTE, simply click on the ‘Decline’ button for that category.
  3. Click ‘Save’ when you have completed your selections.
  4. Your selections will then be managed to those NTE amounts.

Q: What happens when I opt-in to the NTEs?
A: Your property maintenance becomes much easier, and your tenants will appreciate the fast response times. Any work order that you or a tenant places on your property would be automatically dispatched and approved if the vendor’s quote is below that amount. The benefit is that you do not receive numerous approval phone calls, emails, or texts, AND the work order is done quicker.

Q: What happens if I opt-out of NTEs?
A: If you “opt-out” of NTEs, you will be contacted prior to any dispatch of vendors on every maintenance request created for your property. Additionally, no charges will be accrued until you as the owner gives the approval to send a vendor.

Please note, in emergency situations, you will also be contacted and given a timeframe for a response before Renters Warehouse will dispatch to remedy the situation.

Q: What if I want to work with local vendors that I know?
A: Renters Warehouse Maintenance uses an expansive Affiliate community of contractors, however, we can onboard other vendors to be a part of our network. Our Affiliate network enables contractors to benefit from increased business through more maintenance requests, plus benefit from our $50 million indemnification on all maintenance-related work.

Q: What happens after a maintenance request is complete?
A: You will have access to view the completed work and invoice once submitted in the portal. The portal provides all details of the work such as:
1. Before and after photos of the service
2. GPS and geo-fencing technology that the contractor actually performed the service onsite
3. Tenant satisfaction rating of the service. Renters Warehouse Maintenance will follow up on any service rated poorly to confirm the repairs were completed properly before processing the invoice.
4. If the maintenance request has been identified as a possible tenant caused issue

Q: How do I keep current on maintenance requests? What types communications do I receive?
A: Easily be on top of all developments by opting into communication’ in your portal.

This sets your account to receive notifications regarding maintenance requests. Should you change your mind later, you can opt-out via the portal. All users may receive phone calls about work orders as well.

Q: What about emergency maintenance requests? What happens?
A: If we receive an emergency maintenance request (water damage, lost heat, etc.), we will immediately call you for approval. If you already have opted into NTEs, we will dispatch a vendor and have the work completed.

If we do not receive approval from you in a timely manner, and it is an emergency, we will make our best judgment call and dispatch a vendor if necessary.

Q: Will I get charged for every maintenance request?
A: Initially, yes. After the request is complete, we go through the invoices to determine what could be tenant damage. If it is a tenant-caused issue, we will charge the tenant on their next billing cycle. If for some reason the tenant does not pay, we’ll deduct from their security deposit.

Q: Can I see the progress of my maintenance request?
A: Yes. Your portal will have a listing of all work orders and their progress. They will have a status on progress of the request. You can also view updates in the communication section of the maintenance request as well.

Q: I own several properties and will not have time to manage all these details. Can you help oversee maintenance?
A: Absolutely. Contact your local office, and we can talk about your options to select NTEs, communication and a point of contact to manage these decisions for you.

Q: I did not receive any portal login information. Can you send one to me?
A: Sure! Please contact your local office.

If you prefer to use your own vendors or do the maintenance work yourself, we ask you notify Renters Warehouse that you are managing your own work orders so we can document and notify the tenant.