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Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid CRP Form and Instructions 2013 – 2014

December 23, 2013

It’s That Time Of Year Again.

filingIf you owned a property and rented it out in Minnesota at any time in 2013, you must provide a Certificate of Rent Paid also known as a “CRP” to each adult that paid rent no later than January 31, 2014. To make this process a bit easier, we have provided some content, and links for you. Renters Warehouse, the Professional Landlords, includes this process for all of our clients.

To be clear, you must give each renter a CRP by Jan. 31, 2014 if:

  • property tax was payable in 2013 on the property, or

  • you were not required to pay property tax but you made “payments in lieu of property taxes”

Instructions and Tips:

  • The 2013 Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid form (CRP) can be found on the Minnesota Revenue Department website.

  • Enter your full name as the property owner and your mailing address on the CRP.

  • The CRP form must also include the property tax ID number, the county in which the property is located, and the number of units (single family vs. multi-family). I have provided a link to Hennepin County Tax ID look up tool, If this is not your county, please Google: “(Insert County) Tax ID Lookup”

  • If you employ a property management company to assist you with your property rental, include the management company name and mailing address. Some property management companies will handle the CRP process for you as part of their service to you.

  • Enter the renter name(s) and the address of the property: Are your renters married? Provide only one CRP to the couple. Are your renters unmarried? Provide a CRP to each adult showing that each paid an equal amount of rent, regardless of the amounts they actually paid.

  • Did your renter move out before the end of the year? Calculate your CRP based on the actual number of months the tenant was in the property in 2013.

  • Mail it to their forwarding address collected at the time they moved out or mail it to the last known address (your rental property address) with the expectation it will be forwarded. Keep a copy for that tenant on file until August 15 of 2015.

  • Did you purchase or sell the property sometime within the year? Calculate your CRP based on the number of months the renter paid when you actually owned the home.

Calculating the CRP:

  • Calculate the total rent paid for the year and enter into Line 1 of the CRP. The rent paid to you should include the amount for the unit (home) along with storage space and additional garage space, if applicable. Do not include rent amounts paid by a government agency as a subsidy, the security deposit amount, late charges, delinquent rent or rent for farmland use.

  • The allowance for 2013 is 17%. Multiply the total rent paid by 17% (.17) and enter the amount on Line 3. This is the amount the renter will input into their Minnesota form M1PR when they file for their “property tax refund”. The 2013 M1PR property tax refund form to pass along to the tenant will be available on the Minnesota Revenue Department website.

  • Sign the form and keep a copy on file with the tenant’s lease.

  • The official instructions for the Minnesota Department of Revenue Certificate of Rent Paid form can be found here.

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