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Do the REAL Math Behind Renting

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when evaluating whether to rent or sell their home is focusing solely on the rent vs. mortgage payment equation. Yes, this directly affects monthly cash flow, but it’s not the whole story! It’s important to look at ALL the numbers – from annual gains to tax savings to real estate appreciation – to make a smart, informed decision. We call it doing the REAL math, and it requires several napkins to do right. Watch our video to see an example of how it’s done. And be sure to test out your own numbers with our custom Rent vs. Sell Calculator.



Sometimes the easiest way to understand the financial benefits of Rent Estate is to compare renting to selling your home. One gives you steady cash flow over the long haul and plays to your retirement strategy, while the other gives you a one and done payout, gutted by commissions and closing costs. Why gamble with your future and financial freedom? Check out this video to see what we mean. And get started in Rent Estate today with a FREE Home Rental Price Analysis.


Rent vs. Sell Calculator

Think you’re better off selling your home? Crunch the numbers – your numbers – with our custom Rent vs. Sell calculator. Our calculator will give you a quick read on the financial viability of renting vs. selling your house. Not to worry, you can download a custom Rent Estate Return report after inputting your home values. It’s a quick and easy way to see your potential wealth creation over time.

Rent vs. Sell Calculator


Tax Benefits of Renting

Did you know that owning rental property can be a great way to reduce your personal taxes? Understanding which tax deductions (benefits called “taxable losses”) you may qualify for can help reduce your salary income considerably. And that means less taxes to pay! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Tax savings are a big part of the REAL math equation, so be sure to soak in this handy overview on the tax benefits of Rent Estate.

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