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Introducing Portfolio Services for Investors

When you’re ready to expand or enhance service around your Rent Estate holdings, look no further than our Portfolio Services Division at Renters Warehouse. We are the largest national third-party property management firm focused on the single-family rental asset class. We’ll advise you through the most efficient way to manage your rental properties to increase your ROI. Our Rent Estate Advisors will also put you in touch with local real estate agents who specialize in buying and selling SFR investment properties. Contact us anytime for a free consultation!

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What's Happening in the Single Family Rental Industry


Financial Cents: How to Fund Your Next Rental Property

When you’ve reached the point where you feel like you know your way around being a landlord, this might be a sign that it’s time to add another rental property to your investment portfolio. And if you’re enjoying the experience, seeing demand and getting good returns, it’s easy to start thinking, why not? But with the dream of adding to your portfolio comes financial realities that need to be considered. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide which will detail several options available to you, and the pros and cons of each.  You can also watch our webinar in partnership with Colony American Finance and discover how to grow your rental business without breaking the bank.

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We've Partnered So You Win

Special Offer! Our partners at Colony American Finance will offer a $250 closing credit exchange for any Renters Warehouse client looking to expand their rental property portfolio. (Promotional offers limited to new clients only please).


Should I Rent or Sell? Great Question!

And we’ve got answers for you. Check out all the ways you can win with renting versus selling in this handy Rent vs. Sell Guide. It includes some must-do math equations for any investor who is evaluating her options in Rent Estate. Plus, you can watch a great webinar on the values of holding to rent led by our fearless CEO and Rent Estate investor himself, Kevin Ortner.  Enjoy!

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