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What's Happening in the Single Family Rental Industry

front image of rent estate revolution book by Kevin Ortner

The Rent Estate Revolution is Here

The Rent Estate Revolution is here! 

The world is evolving from “real estate” to a more accessible world of Rent Estate, and we’re giving you the opportunity to get ahead, get smart and find financial freedom. Rent Estate Revolution will open your eyes to the New American Dream of long-term wealth creation and retirement security. Diversify your investments by leveraging other people’s knowledge, money and time – outsource it all for maximum ease, reliability, and returns. The time for single-family rentals is now, and it’s anyone’s game.

Join the Revolution and change your future.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rent Estate™

  • mix of summer flowers in a backyard

    9 Rental Property Disasters and How To Cope

    Life is unpredictable. And with all its twists and turns and ups and downs, it is easy to become anxious and worried because of all the “what ifs” swirling around in your mind.

  • beautiful outdoor gazebo in spring with flowers and green grass

    Stunning Backyards for Frugal Landlords

    As an extension of your home, a backyard or patio has enormous potential for entertainment, relaxation, play and added income – no matter the season.

  • man grilling in the backyard

    How to Perfect the Tenant Placement Process

    As a new landlord, it’s a given that you’re going to make mistakes. The key is to make sure those mistakes don’t snowball into deep regrets, like insufferable tenants that damage your properties.

  • jar hanging from tree with a tea light candle

    Handbook To What Millennial Renters Want

    As a landlord, you’re going to wear many hats when it comes to tending to your tenants’ needs. While it would be unreasonable to expect to be everything to every tenant, being adaptable is a necessity.

  • outside couch and table with black and orange cushions

    Rent vs. Sell Handbook

    Are you a property owner — or a real estate investor?

    You may never have considered the prospect of real estate investment. At the same time, you may have been considering it for years, but have yet to

  • outside summer garden

    How to Create a Successful Rental Ad

    The process of filling a rental property always starts with the outer layer. In other words, the outer layer is the first impression–everything that is attractive to potential renters, from the ad to the fine details of your property.

  • picture of blue and green hammock attached to a tree

    The Insiders Guide to Rent Estate™

    The crash of 2008. The rise of Millennials as the nation’s largest demographic. Uber, Airbnb and the emergence of the “sharing economy.” The American Dream is alive and well, but it’s changing rapidly. And for millions of people, these huge economic and cultural shifts have forever altered the very concept of “property.”

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