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Being A Pet-Friendly Landlord Pays!

Did you know all the advantages of pet-friendly rental properties?

  • Lower Vacancy Rates – reduce market-to-rent time by 15%
  • Longer Tenancies with Happier Renters
  • Additional Rent Potential – earn between $175 – $650* more
  • Higher Total Rents – average pet-friendly rents are $1,675 (vs. $1,575)
  • Faster Renting – average pet-friendly rental spend 15 days on market (vs. 20 days)
  • Wonderful Homes for Four-Legged (and sometimes feathered or fishy) Friends!

Want to know more about the financial benefits of owning a pet-friendly rental?

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Tips for Pet Renters

Watch Kevin Ortner, CEO and President of Renters Warehouse give top tips for ensuring your furry friends are the best rental tenants.

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News for Pet Renters

The Guide to Renting with Pets

As a landlord or property manager, you’re all about making sure you have tenants in place and no empty properties on your hands. Part of renting out your home involves deciding whether or not you’ll allow furry, feathered or fishy friends as part of the lease. You may want to look at renting out your property to pet owners.

Given that more and more tenants own pets (according to the American Veterinary Association, 1 in 2 renters in the US have pets in their household), it may be time to consider putting out the welcome mat for Fido.

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