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24/7 Turnkey Property Management

"I don't want to be calling plumbers at 2 a.m."

The high-maintenance part of rental property management is, well … maintenance. That’s why our Professional Landlords do it for you. For a low monthly flat fee (and even less for multi-unit properties or prepayment in select markets), here’s a snapshot of what we take off your hands:

We work to collect your rent. In full. On time. Every month.
We manage rental income using FastFundsSM, accepting virtually any form of payment (while encouraging auto withdrawal), sending free direct deposits to your bank account, and providing monthly statements for your records.
We coordinate all your maintenance requests.
All day, every day. Your Professional Landlords are on call and available 24/7, and always provide you with competitive bids (note: owners are responsible for any repair costs).
We handle most legal paperwork and red tape.
Our custom lease is long and packed with industry best practices. As for lease renewals, modifications, terminations, Certificates of Rent Paid (CRPs) and just about anything else that involves fine print and processing, we’ve got you covered.
We assist with compliance.
Don’t want to deal with mandated city rental licensing and inspections? We manage all associated projects in a timely and responsible fashion, helping you always stay up-to-code and up-to-date.
We assist in evictions and work to enforce leases.
Fewer than 1% of our placed tenants ever need to be evicted. But when it happens, our Professional Landlords are rigorously trained to facilitate every tenant situation with the utmost care and attention.
We help protect your property.
In addition to move-in and move-out video inspections of your property, we conduct random and routine in-person property inspections to help ensure appropriate tenant maintenance.
We issue reports.
Hey, you’re a real estate investor now! So if you want to track your progress and proactively grow your new business, we’ll issue customized year-end reports (e.g. profit and loss), as well as detailed monthly accounting statements.
We can extend your tenant warranty.
If you want even more coverage (and more confidence), we’ll extend your warranty from 6 months to up to 18 months (in select markets) when you use our Professional Landlord Services.


*Save up to 25% off when you prepay annual or longer-term Property Management Service contracts in select markets – call your local office for details!

  • 15% savings for 12-17 month contracts
  • 20% savings for 18-23 month contracts
  • 25% savings for 24+ month contracts 

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