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“If I make a commitment to renting, I don’t want any surprises.”

Water damage, sewer backup, eviction costs … like homeownership, property management can throw you the occasional curveball. Thankfully, the Professional Landlords at Renters Warehouse can offer you extra risk management services for less cost than a daily cup of coffee.  

Tenant Liability Insurance*

If you want to avoid surprises and protect your pocketbook, you need coverage that goes beyond your standard homeowners policy. For just $12.50 per month and a $0 deductible, our Tenant Liability Insurance gives you peace of mind in the form of :

  • $100,000 Tenant Liability coverage (placement of the rental unit in Renters Warehouse’s Tenant Liability Policy per conditions of program – $9.50 monthly premium)
  • Provides coverage for accidental tenant damage caused by water, fire, smoke, explosion, falling objects, riot, civil commotion or sewer/drain/pump backup
  • 2 additional comprehensive property inspections per year
  • Assessment of interior property condition, to include:
    • Any damage beyond normal wear and tear
    • Any potential city code or safety hazards
    • Any property damage unreported to the property owner / manager
  • Assessment of exterior property condition, to include:
    • Verification of tenant completing lawn care and snow removal duties
    • Any property damage unreported to the property owner / manager
  • Completion of property inspection form
  • Inspection will be videotaped and video copy provided to homeowner​

(Tenant Liability Insurance is not available in all markets)

Eviction Protection Plan*

The good news is that we evict less than 1% of all placed tenants each year. The bad news is that when evictions do need to happen, they can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why our affordable Eviction Protection Plan covers the following headaches and fees for a low monthly fee:

  • Paperwork preparation and filing
  • Meetings with the local sheriff to serve papers
  • Multiple trips to court
  • All associated court & filing fees up to $800

(Eviction Protection Plan is not available in all markets)

*Some exclusions may apply

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