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Partnering Up for Investing Success

If you’re considering forming a partnership, here’s a look at a few benefits that come from teaming up, along with some tips for structu...

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Starting and Growing Your Retirement Portfolio: One Investor’s Journey

One investor and his wife’s journey from zero properties to FIVE. This first-hand account shines some light on the big question that most ...

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Retiring With Single-Family Rentals

In this guide, we’ll show you why single-family rentals (SFR) are an excellent asset to have in your portfolio, uncover tips and suggestio...

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Renovations: Setting a Budget, and How Far Should You Go

In this article, we’ll look at tips for budgeting and planning, as well as upgrades that tend to add the most value, and things that you m...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast: Episode 06 - Technology’s Impact on the Single Family Rental Space

Exciting new developments in technology are helping to improve investment and property management processes in the SFR industry.

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How to Build a Successful Real Estate Team

If your rental property venture is starting to feel like a full-time job, then that’s a good sign that it’s time to call in reinforcemen...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 05 – How to Get Started in This Space + A New Category of Real Estate

Tips, advice, and exciting new developments for first-time landlords and seasoned investors alike.

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Numbers You Should Be Running on Every Property

Want to gauge the profitability of a potential rental property? In this article, we’ll uncover numbers you should be running to determine ...

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First-Time Income Property Investors, How to Begin

If you’d like you take your first step towards investing, but aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling, here’s a look at some things yo...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 04 : Tips for Dealing With Rental Maintenance

Join Renters Warehouse’s CEO Kevin Ortner –and Brock Thompson, Vice President of Maintenance as they discuss tips and strategies to help...

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