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Retiring With Single-Family Rentals

In this guide, we’ll show you why single-family rentals (SFR) are an excellent asset to have in your portfolio, uncover tips and suggestio...

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Investment Property

In real estate ROI is made up of two components, your yield and your home price appreciation. In this video our Chief Strategy Officer, Greg...

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Stategy Sessions: The Snowball Stategy

This is a strategy that allows you to accumulate more property and cash flow at an exponential rate as more time passes. Watch the video abo...

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Numbers You Should Be Running on Every Property

Want to gauge the profitability of a potential rental property? In this article, we’ll uncover numbers you should be running to determine ...

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Renters Warehouse Investment Planner

This is a document we created to help you plan your investment strategy. We will put it online at some point but here is the PDF https://www...

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Strategy Sessions: The Final Destination Strategy

Imagine spending your twilight years anywhere in the country you want. Applying that aspiration to a property in that location is what this ...

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Strategy Sessions: Have a Kid, Buy a Condo

This captures the idea of compartmentalization. If you can attach a purpose to an investment property you can find the patience to hold onto...

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Lessons you can Learn from Both the Smaller and Larger Investors, With Noel Christopher

In 2019 Noel Christopher was chosen to be a beta tester for LinkedIn Live. So he is trying to lead the way in that space for real estate inv...

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Why You Will Win In Charlotte, NC | Real Estate Investor Reception Keynote

In 2019 Renters Warehouse hosted a reception in Charlotte, North Carolina for investors looking to buy their next property. This is a great ...

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Introducing the Rent Estate™ Podcast with Kevin Ortner

First-hand experience from real experts, the Rent Estate ™ Podcast with Renters Warehouse’s Kevin Ortner highlights real-life experience...

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What Would I Invest In If I Only Had 170k?

This is a question taken from our show Picking Winners. A viewer wanted to know what Greg would buy in real estate with 170k. Greg shares ho...

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