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The Home Buyers Are Back Again

Greg Rand goes through a few examples to show how SFR is the best investment during this crisis. Then we go through some information on why ...

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What Chapter Two Of The Recession Should Look Like

If a recession is in chapter one of the story, the recovery is chapter two. Crash and boom. Will the severity, pace, and duration of the boo...

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What Happens When a Market Freezes?

When you take a look at the most comparable crises for this situation, 9/11 and the Housing Crash, you start to see a trend in the housing m...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 09 – The Housing Market - Predictions and Insight for 2020

Welcome to the Rent Estate™ podcast –the first episode of the year! In this exciting and informative episode, join Renters Warehouse’s...

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The Build For Rent Mega Trend Explained

Here is an explanation of why Build For Rent is such a hot trend and is likely to continue in perpetuity.

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What We've Learned About the Real Estate Market in 2019

From housing prices continuing their march upward, to a shortage of affordable housing, to new developments in tech that’s making it easie...

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SFR Roundup #4 - Predictions Heading Into 2020

Welcome back to the SFR Roundup with Noel Christopher. In today’s episode, Noel breaks down what he sees for the real estate market headin...

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Real Estate Investment Trends to Follow In 2020

Here’s a look at some real estate investing trends that many experts have predicted for 2020.

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SFR Roundup #3 - Health of the Housing Market, Economy, and Demand for Affordable Housing

Welcome back to the SFR Roundup with Noel Christopher. In today’s episode, Noel breaks down more recent housing news and the stability of ...

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How The Real Estate Industry is Finally Changing For The Consumer

Greg Rand, CSO of Renters Warehouse talks about how the real estate industry didn't know the truth about the housing crisis and how it was g...

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SFR Roundup #2 – Millennials, The Recession Narrative, and What’s Happening in the Housing Market

In today’s episode of SFR Roundup, Senior Vice President of portfolio services for Renters Warehouse, Noel Christopher –shares his thoug...

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