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Real Estate Investment Markets You Should Look into Compilation (Part 1)

We all want to get into an investment market before it pops, but there are still some big players who have room to continue growing. Check o...

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How to Research Your Investment Market Advice Compilation

In this video, we take several different short videos from Greg Rands's social media accounts to form a video all about advice on how to beg...

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SFR Roundup - What’s Happening in Real Estate?

There’s a lot of noise in the marketplace and a lot of political news and narratives. What’s happening with real estate? Is there a bubb...

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How to Read Housing Charts to Find Upcoming Markets

When you look at the data you start to see patterns in market home price appreciation trend lines. You can find other markets that have the ...

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What is the ROI of America? | Rent Estate Investment Seminar Keynote

In this video, Greg Rand gives a keynote during our first Rent Estate Investment seminar about the ROI of America. He went into a few invest...

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Is there anywhere in Denver, CO still worth a real estate investment?

Denver is a massive giant right now, and many feel like they missed their chance. In this video, Greg Rand talks with a viewer to see if the...

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Rent Estate™ Podcast: Episode 06 - Technology’s Impact on the Single Family Rental Space

Exciting new developments in technology are helping to improve investment and property management processes in the SFR industry.

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Video - Rent Estate™ Podcast Episode 06

Kevin and Todd discuss how there’s a lot more in store as well, as technology continues to advance and tools increasingly arrive on the sc...

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Strategy Sessions: People Watching

In this strategy, you decide to make investments in locations based on where the population is going. Then digging deeper to understand why ...

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Why You Will Win In Charlotte, NC | Real Estate Investor Reception Keynote

In 2019 Renters Warehouse hosted a reception in Charlotte, North Carolina for investors looking to buy their next property. This is a great ...

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Where Would You Invest In Colorado, now that Denver has Popped?

This is a live call-in question taken from our show Picking Winners. A caller wanted to know where his best bet in Colorado was to invest. G...

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