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Multi-family real estate properties

Getting Started With Rental Properties: Investing In Your Own Backyard

There are a number of unique benefits that come from investing in your own backyard, especially if you are just getting started. Here are j...

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Why We Believe In The Long Term Investment Play with Kevin Ortner CEO of Renters Warehouse

In this snippet from the Rent Estate podcast, Kevin Ortner and Greg Rand talk about our philosophy on investing in real estate for the long ...

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The Build For Rent Mega Trend Explained

Here is an explanation of why Build For Rent is such a hot trend and is likely to continue in perpetuity.

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Strategies For Investing In Real Estate Long Term Advice Compilation

In this video, we take several different short videos from Greg Rands's social media accounts to form a video all about strategies you can a...

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SFR Roundup #3 - Health of the Housing Market, Economy, and Demand for Affordable Housing

Welcome back to the SFR Roundup with Noel Christopher. In today’s episode, Noel breaks down more recent housing news and the stability of ...

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Buy To Hold: Principle # 2 of The Five Principles Of Real Estate Wealth

Principle # 2 is about buying to hold. The most responsible way to achieve real estate wealth is by looking at this as a long term play.

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Find, Finance, & Manage | Rent Estate Minutes

Find. Finance. Manage. They are all easier to outsource than ever before. Today a company like Renters Warehouse can step in and affordably ...

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What is the ROI of America? | Rent Estate Investment Seminar Keynote

In this video, Greg Rand gives a keynote during our first Rent Estate Investment seminar about the ROI of America. He went into a few invest...

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Strategy Sessions: People Watching

In this strategy, you decide to make investments in locations based on where the population is going. Then digging deeper to understand why ...

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Stategy Sessions: The Snowball Stategy

This is a strategy that allows you to accumulate more property and cash flow at an exponential rate as more time passes. Watch the video abo...

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Renters Warehouse Investment Planner

This is a document we created to help you plan your investment strategy. We will put it online at some point but here is the PDF https://www...

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