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Which “Build For Rent” Transaction Is Right For You?

Build for Rent is a trend that is picking up steam in the institutional investor space. We love the benefits it brings to all parties involv...

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Answering Viewer Questions: LLC's, Unemployment Benefits, and Caring For Tenants

Greg Rand regularly posts short videos on Instagram around investing in the single-family rental sector. This video is dedicated to answerin...

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Creative Ideas for Down Payments

Creative Ideas for Down Payments

There are a number of different ways that you can come up with a down payment and secure your first investment. Let’s take a look at some...

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Q&A Call With a Viewer: Where Should I Go Next With My Real Estate Investment Strategy?

One of the viewers of our content reached out to Greg Rand with some questions on what steps he should take next in his investment strategy....

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Tips for Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio

One of the great things about real estate is that it’s tremendously versatile, and can fit well within almost any diversification strategy...

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What is Depreciation Recapture on Investment Property?

During a training course, we were running for our investment advisors, we had 1031 exchange specialist Joe Vesey from First American Exchang...

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Economic Numbers Are Better Than Expected All Around

When the pandemic first broke out, no one knew what to expect when it came to the economy. The experts all proposed that we were heading int...

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Accomplished Senior Executive Mitch Bowling Appointed Board Chairman at Renters Warehouse

Renters Warehouse, America's leading single-family investment services company, is thrilled to announce that accomplished senior executive M...

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Leveraging Your Home to Buy Rentals

If you already own your own home, you might be closer to investing than you originally thought. Instead of taking out a second mortgage, you...

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How A New Transit Plan Will Help Your Investments

During an investor meetup we held last year, Greg Rand explained his thesis behind buying houses in Belmont, NC where a new light rail exten...

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Guide - Stability of the Buy and Hold Method

Thinking of taking that first step toward investing? Then you’ll want to claim your FREE guide: Stability of the Buy and Hold Method. See ...

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