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Accomplished Senior Executive Mitch Bowling Appointed Board Chairman at Renters Warehouse

Renters Warehouse, America's leading single-family investment services company, is thrilled to announce that accomplished senior executive M...

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Leveraging Your Home to Buy Rentals

If you already own your own home, you might be closer to investing than you originally thought. Instead of taking out a second mortgage, you...

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How A New Transit Plan Will Help Your Investments

During an investor meetup we held last year, Greg Rand explained his thesis behind buying houses in Belmont, NC where a new light rail exten...

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Guide - Stability of the Buy and Hold Method

Thinking of taking that first step toward investing? Then you’ll want to claim your FREE guide: Stability of the Buy and Hold Method. See ...

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Tips for Success From Experienced Investors

When it comes to investing, there’s a lot that investors can do to impact the success of their investments. One of the best ways to set yo...

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The Resilience of Single Family Rentals During a Pandemic

It is now the end of June and we are seeing the economy working its way back in several major sectors of the economy. The May numbers for re...

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Why You Should Take a Conservative Approach with Your First Rental Property

During a live Q&A webinar with Greg Rand, he received call from a fellow real estate investor and discussed how you might calculate your dow...

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How We Gained Mastery Over Big Data In Housing

In this video, Greg Rand takes a deep dive into how we at Renters Warehouse learned how to use big housing data from the wall street players...

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How to Be an Excellent Landlord

Whether you’re new to the world of rental properties or just looking for tips to reduce tenant turnover, here’s a look at a few ways tha...

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How and Where to Invest in Northeast America

In this video, we take four different pieces of content where Greg Rand has given advice on the markets in the "Northeast". You'll be given ...

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The Home Buyers Are Back Again

Greg Rand goes through a few examples to show how SFR is the best investment during this crisis. Then we go through some information on why ...

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