Notice To Vacate Form

We are happy to help with your notice to vacate. Are you a tenant or a homeowner?

Tenant Notice to Vacate Form

Please read the terms below and click the accept box at the bottom of the window.

By submitting this form you acknowledge this notice complies with the Intent To Vacate section of your lease. Please review the security deposit section of your lease agreement to familiarize yourself with your state's requirements for deposit processing and return timelines. Any notice provided under this Section does not imply permission on behalf of the Landlord or Renters Warehouse to vacate the premises early unless otherwise approved by Landlord Renters Warehouse. If you have any questions regarding this form, please call your local office for additional information.

Homeowner Notice To Vacate Form

**We do have the below information on file but are just verifying that it matches your recollection of the deposits to avoid any confusion

Please read the terms below and click the accept box at the bottom of the window.

In accordance with the Lease, a 60 day notice is required to terminate the lease upon the expiration of the Lease terms. If the tenants are on a month to month lease, it is 30 days and applied to the end of the following month. You'll receive an expectations letter as we near the termination date of the lease with more information pertaining to the scheduling of the move out inspection and the security deposit return process. PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this form does not cancel our management services. If you wish to do so or have other plans with the property, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-844-RW-FIXIT (1-844-793-4948) to start that process.